New Date and Time:

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Special Election for the Board of Education.  Curbside voting at Burlington Town Hall, 200 Spielman Highway. For more information visit: https://www.burlingtonct.us/home/events/37401

The BDTC is proud to endorse Kristen Angiletta for this position

Kristen Angiletta Rescheduled BOE Election Flyer

116156956_3212517485437584_4024957185294529011_nMy name is Kristen Angiletta, and I am running for the open seat on Burlington’s Board of Education.  I’ve lived in Burlington since 2011, when I moved from Florida in the eighth grade. I immediately began at Har-Bur Middle School in December, 2011.  Throughout college, I commuted from my home in Burlington so I could both work and try to keep the cost of school down.  My family has lived in Burlington for 3 generations. My grandfather actually built our current home himself in the 1950s.

I double majored in Political Science and Latino/ and Latin American Studies.  I also minored in both History and Spanish.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCONN with a 3.835 GPA.

I’m extremely passionate about doing my part to help and improve my community.  Region 10 provided me with a stellar education that enabled me to continue my studies at UCONN.  I can now apply those studies and give back to Region 10 by serving on the Board of Education.  Furthermore, I think it is vital that younger people involve themselves in politics.  When the same candidates run election-after-election, younger people are discouraged from voting as they can’t identify with those involved in government.  The Board of Education in particular should have members who can understand and connect with youth as it is responsible for many of the policies that impact young people’s daily lives.

Having a younger perspective on the Board of Ed is crucial.  Students in Region 10, both current and former, have voiced their displeasure with a number of policies and curricula yet there has been no change.  I myself went through Region 10, and having recently graduated, I can attest to the following and speak from my own experiences.

For example, students are actively asking for anti-racist curricula to be added (per the letter to Region 10).  There have been a number of incidents in which overt racism has happened within our community and have gone unpunished.  I find it quite frankly, to be irresponsible and dangerous to not add anti-racist curricula when Region 10 can and has produced such vitriol towards others.

Related to this is Public Act No. 19-12.  PA 19-12 mandates all public schools in CT to include both Black and Latino studies in curricula by the 2021-2022 school year.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe the Board currently has any members with a background in either of these areas.  I fortunately do. As a recent graduate, my knowledge of such issues is extremely up-to-date.  I’ve taken various classes regarding current issues facing both Latinos in the US as well as Latinos worldwide.  For example, courses like Puerto Rican Politics and Culture and Human Rights and the U.S.-Mexico Border both spoke to issues currently taking place in the Latino community. Even more specifically, I’ve taken several research and writing classes focused on the Latino community.  In one such course, I was a part of an undergraduate research and writing team working to update the CT Hispanic Federation’s 2014 policy blueprint, “Latino Connecticut: A Call to Action”.  I specifically looked at Latino immigration to the state and developed a number of policy proposals that would assist in integrating that population into the state’s economy.  I’ve also done research on femicide, or feminicide, in Mexico.  This research allowed me to establish a femicide rate per 100,000 native-born Mexican women as well as, for the first time, a separate rate for Mexico’s female immigrant population.  Furthermore, my studies regarding human rights more broadly can help inform the creation and implementation of Black and Latino studies in Region 10’s curriculum.  The vast majority of human rights classes I’ve taken have been taught from non-Anglocentric perspectives, so I can bring that understanding and viewpoint to the curriculum here.

On another note, former students have also presented projects and ideas to the Board regarding improving the sexual health and safety programs and services Region 10 offers, but their ideas have been fully shot down.  For instance, comprehensive sexual education is not taught by the district; instead, only abstinence is taught.  Even more concerning is the fact that students are not taught about the principle of consent.  Students at LSM are taught about relationships and drugs and alcohol abuse in Wellness 9; these discussions could be further informed by education surrounding consent.  I also believe training on consent can begin even earlier, such as during the 8th grade sexual education class and even at an elementary level when discussing topics like stranger danger.  There is truly no reason not to teach consent, particularly when the vast majority of students who go on to attend college and university must immediately complete training seminars on the principle.

I feel that my educational background allows me to stand out from other candidates.  As I expanded on above, my own studies will permit me to offer a critically needed perspective in the development and implementation of Black and Latino studies in Region 10’s curriculum.  I also feel that my age and the fact that I was a student in Region 10 works to my advantage.  I would be a more approachable figure on the BOE; in fact, students and alumni have both already been in frequent communication with me, voicing their questions and concerns.  Furthermore, many of the educators in Region 10 also already know who I am and would have the same level of comfort voicing their opinions and/or concerns to me.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions!  I hope this provides useful insight into who I am and what I could bring to the table for Region 10.  I am truly grateful for your enthusiasm and support of my candidacy!